Add To Prospect Spreadsheet

The OA Mobile |Spreadsheet| is used to display, filter and sort your prospects using a familiar spreadsheet interface. Prospects from your spreadsheet that you have already contacted and scheduled appear in your |To Do List|. Contacts that you need to contact (typically those that you think will be interested in what you have to offer) will show up in your |Rolling Call List|. To add a prospect to your spreadsheet, follow the directions below.

  1. From the |Navigation Bar| in OA Mobile, select |Prospects|.
  2. From the |Prospect Spreadsheet| screen, select |Add to Spreadsheet|.
  3. Enter the prospect's first, last, and company name if applicable.
  4. Select the |Next| button.
  5. OA mobile will first check to see if the prospect you are entering already exists, if it does, you will be provided the option to use the existing prospect. Otherwise, select the |New Contact| button.
  6. From the |New Contact| screen, enter the contact information making sure the |Add to Prospect Spreadsheet| option box is selected.
  7. Select the |Save| button.
  8. From the |Prospect Spreadsheet Info| screen, enter as much information about the prospect as you know.
  9. Select the |Save to Spreadsheet| button. The prospect is now saved to your spreadsheet.
  10. The |Prospect Log| will present the information about the prospect that you just entered. Here you may view, edit and add additional information. Every prospect in OA Mobile has an individual |Prospect Log| that contains Importance Level, Key Information, Goal, Source, Opportunity, Contact Info, Contact Notes, and an |Activity Log|. The |Activity Log| logs all activity for the prospect and provides options to start, set, and log an activity. From the |Activity Log| section, select |Set a To Do|.
  11. From the |Set a Pending To Do| screen, select |Add Appointment|.
  12. From the |New Pending Appointment| screen, enter the appointment details.
  13. Select the |Save| button.
  14. The |Sales Call Appointment| will be displayed in the |Activity Log|. Select the |To Do List| button from the |Prospect Console|.
  15. The prospect has been removed from the |Rolling Call List| and added to the |To Do List|. If you scheduled the To Do in the future (such as tomorrow), use the drop down to change the |To Do List| view.
  16. Note the date of the To Do List item and then select the |Calendar| button from the |Navigation Bar|.
  17. The |To Do List| sales call appointment has been added to the OA Mobile calendar.
  18. Select the |Prospect| button from the |Navigation Bar| to return to your spreadsheet.

Add to Spreadsheet
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