Add User

The |User Console| provides information on the number of licenses and active users in your OA Mobile account, as well as active sessions and verified email addresses. To Access the |User Console| and add a user to your OA Mobile Account, follow the directions below.
  1. From the |Navigation Bar| select |My Account|.
  2. From the |My Account| section, select |User Console|.
  3. From the |User Console| make sure the |User| tab is selected.
  4. From the |Status| section, select |Add User|.
  5. Enter a user name, first name, last name and email address for the new user as well as the account options, you may select to disable login email and recovery, make the new user an OA Mobile Administrator, and/or make the new user immediately active by selecting the |Active| check box. Typically the last option will be the most common selection
  6. Select the |Save| button to save your entries and selections.
  7. From the |New User| summary screen, select |Set Password|.
  8. From the |Set User Password| screen, enter 'YOUR' password (this is the password you use to login to your OA Mobile account), then enter and confirm the new password for the new user.
  9. Select the |Save| button to save your entries.

Adding a New User
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