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QuickBooks Integration

OA Mobile can store the GUI (Global Unique Identifier) for a contact in Quickbooks. Once the Quickbooks GUI has been stored in OA Mobile, the contact can be easily opened from OA Mobile by selecting the QuickBooks button within the OA Mobile contact. To learn how to setup and use this feature, please follow the directions below.

How to Link a QuickBooks Contact to OA Mobile

  1. Open your browser, login to QuickBooks, than select |Customer| or |Vendor|.
  2. Search for the contact in Quickbooks that you would like to link to OA Mobile.
  3. At the top of the QuickBooks browser screen within the URL, you will see a number after 'nameId='. This is the Global Unique Identifier (GUI) QuickBooks ID for the contact. Highlight and copy this number.
  4. Go back to OA Mobile and search for the same contact in OA Mobile that you searched for in step - 2 above.
  5. Select the contact from the search result in OA Mobile.
  6. From the contact details screen select the |QuickBooks| button.
  7. Paste the GUI (value in your clipboard from step - 3) into the QuickBooks ID field and select the |Default View| description (customer or vendor).
  8. Select the |Save| button to save your settings. You may now use the Quickbooks button in OA Mobile to bring up the contact in QuickBooks (Note: you will need to be logged into Quickbooks to use this functionality).

OA Mobile Quickbooks Integration
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