Credit Card Expirations or Declines

Baseline Data Systems, Inc.
Torrance, CA USA

Disputed Charges

You assume all responsibility for your credit card information available for billing. You may add, update and delete this information by logging into You have also agreed to not dispute any credit card charge that you have the ability to manage. Any dispute to credit card charges may result in an immediate termination or suspension of your account. See Baseline Data System’s Termination Policy.

Expirations or Declines Do Not Terminate Service

Please note that allowing a credit card to expire, cancelling a credit card, or failing to submit payment by check regardless of invoice receipt status will not automatically cancel your account as we maintain all account data, allow subscriptions to occur, and allow you access to your account. You will remain responsible for paying the monthly subscription fee, which will accrue to your account, until we receive a valid termination notice by mail, see Baseline Data System’s Termination Policy.

Baseline Data Systems Rights

We reserve the right to send you notice to the email on record if your credit card is declined. We may also contact you regarding payment by phone or direct mail. We reserve the right to send delinquent accounts to a collection agency if they are not paid within ninety (90) days.

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