Create a New Custom Field

OA Mobile provides the option to create an unlimited number of custom fields. Custom fields are user defined fields such as 'Spouse', 'Birthday', 'Gender' etc. To manage custom fields, follow the directions below.
  1. From the |Navigation Bar| select |My Account|.
  2. From the |Contact Custom Fields| section, select |Manage Custom Fields|.
  3. Select the |New Field| button.
  4. Enter the name for the new field and select a field type from the drop down menu. You may choose from text, date only, time only, date and time, floating point, 32 bit positive integer, 32 bit negative integer, currency or boolean.
  5. Select the |Save| button to save your changes.
  6. The new field will be displayed within the |Active Fields| section.

Create a New Custom Field
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