Show Paste Options

When adding a new contact/prospect into OA Mobile, the |Show Paste Options| feature provides a means to paste contact data to a free form field where it can then be parsed to the correct fields in OA Mobile. The |Show Paste Options| feature can save considerable time when adding new contact data. To use this feature, follow the directions below.

  1. From any application, highlight and copy an address block.
  2. From the OA Mobile |Navigation| bar select |Contacts|.
  3. From the |Search for a Contact| screen, select |Add New Contact|.
  4. Select the |Next| button to skip the duplicate check.
  5. From the |New Contact| screen, select |Show Paste Options|.
  6. In the provided blank space, paste the address block.
  7. Provide some information about your address block by making the appropriate selection from the drop down list.
  8. Select the |Parse the Contact| button.
  9. OA Mobile will attempt to parse the contact data to the correct fields.
  10. if the data has parsed incorrectly, select the |Show Parse Options| to adjust your text block. If the data has parsed correctly, select the |Save| button to save the contact/prospect data to OA Mobile.

Show Paste Options
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