Add New Contact

You may enter an unlimited number of contacts into OA Mobile. To add a new contact into OA Mobile, follow the directions below.
  1. From the |Navigation| bar, select the |Contact| drop down.
  2. From the |Contact| drop down list, select |Add New Contact|.
  3. From the |Add Contact| screen, enter the contacts First, Last and/or Company name.
  4. Select the |Next| button.
  5. OA Mobile will first check to determine if the contact that you are entering already exists. If a similar or duplicate(s) contact exists, you will be given an opportunity to select and use the existing contact where you can add additional information to it. In this example, no duplicate contact was found.
  6. Enter the new contact information.
  7. Select the |Save| button.
  8. Your new contact information will be displayed.
Add New Contact
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