Make a New Appointment (Calendar Week Schedule View)

To make a new appointment in |Week Schedule| view within the OA Mobile calendar, follow the directions below.

  1. From the |Navigation Bar| select the |Calendar| drop down, then select the |Week Schedule| option.
  2. From the calendar |Week Schedule| view, select the column and cell at the desired day and time for the new appointment.
  3. Select the type of appointment you would like to make, you may create an appointment that is not linked to a prospect |Do not link to a prospect|, search for and link the appointment to any existing prospect |Search Prospects|, or add a new prospect and link it to the appointment |Add New Prospect|.
  4. Enter the appointment details.
  5. Select the |Save| button to save the appointment.
  6. If you linked your appointment to a prospect, the appointment will display within the |View Appointment| screen within the |Appt| section.
  7. To view the appointment within the OA Mobile calendar, select the |View My Calendar| button.
  8. Your appointment will display within the calendar at the appropriate time interval.

Make a New Appointment in Calendar Week Schedule View

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