New Task (Calendar Day Columns View)

Tasks are items in the calendar that will continue to roll over until their status is changed to "Done". To create a new task in |Day Columns| view within the OA Mobile calendar, follow the directions below.

  1. From the |Navigation Bar| select the |Calendar| drop down, then select the |Day Columns| option.
  2. From the calendar |Day Columns| view, select the |New Task| button.
  3. Enter the new task details, you may link the task to a recent contact by selecting a contact from the |Link to| section.
  4. Select the |Save| button to save the task.
  5. If you linked the task to a contact, the new task will display within the |View Task| screen within the |Task| section.
  6. To view the task within the OA Mobile calendar, select the |View My Calendar| button.
  7. Your task will display within the |Tasks To Do| section on the bottom of the |Day Columns| view of the calendar.

Create a New Task in Calendar |Day Columns| View

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