Filter by Deleted Prospect Log

The OA Mobile Spreadsheet provides numerous filter options. You can filter prospects via 'deleted' prospect logs. Prospects with a deleted prospect log have been previously closed. To filter the prospects on your spreadsheet by 'Deleted', follow the directions below.

  1. From the |Navigation Bar| select |Prospects|.
  2. By default, 'Active' prospects are shown.
  3. To filter the prospects by 'Deleted' , select the |More| button.
  4. The numerical value on the |Deleted| button will indicate the number of 'Deleted' (Prospects/Logs). Select the |Deleted| button to display the 'Deleted' prospect logs on your spreadsheet..
  5. 'Prospects' with deleted 'Prospect Logs' will be displayed.
  6. To return the filter back to 'Active", select the |More| button.
  7. Select the |Active| button.
  8. 'Active' prospects are returned to the spreadsheet view.

Filter by Deleted

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